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The Federal Bar Association – Bankruptcy Section is an organization which supports attorneys practicing bankruptcy law in Western Michigan through education,  practice development, professional recognition and social events.

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Debtor’s Bar of Western Michigan Annual Conference was held January 16, 2017. 
See their website for this: http://www.debtorsbar.com

Upcoming changes to our Local Rules: Provide your input into this process!  Our court established a committee to review our Local Rules.  This is going to be a comprehensive review, so it sounds like everything is on the table for possible change.  If you have an opinion about how things are done, send it to the committee.  See the announcement for this on the Court website.  Your deadline is 1/31/2017 and send items to  Katrina_Shellman@miwb.ucsourts.gov.

Chapter 13 Basics. The US Trustee office organized a full day of training on this topic on October 17, 2016. It was packed with important information and tips from experienced attorneys. Thanks to all who participated in this event.

State of the Court Luncheon
. Another great event on October 21, 2016, with a speaker who addressed bankruptcy issues presenting pending before the United States Supreme Court. Thanks to those who organized this event.

Our 2016 Summer Seminar on Mackinac Island was great! 
Our hosts at the Mission Point Resort did a wonderful job.  We attended many valuable educational sessions. 

We presented significant awards:

The Lion Award was presented to retired Judge Jeffrey R. Hughes.

The David Nims/Laurence Howard Civility Award was presented to Carol J. Chase of Chase & Bylenga PLLC.  The Education award was presented to Mary K. Viegelahn, formerly chapter 13 trustee here, now chapter 13 trustee in San Antonio, Texas.

Most of the Official Bankruptcy Forms changed, effective December 1, 2015. See the court website, which can link you to all forms used in bankruptcy proceedings. http://www.miwb.uscourts.gov/


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